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Book Scanning

The cheapest method of scanning a book is to remove the binding. Unfortunately this leaves damage to the book and therefore is not a viable solution for most customers who wish to have their books digitised. Consequently book scanning is for those who have bound books they wish to digitise wtihout damaging or splitting the book. Our staff are experienced in handling rare and delicate works and can provide restoration where necessary. Book scanning is a convenient choice for those who wish to preserve their books from further damage, as having an electronic copy of the book will minimise any future contact with the book.

Book scanning is available for books up to size A1, as well as magazines and newspapers. Output can be provided in many formats, including TIFF, JPEG and PDF. The images can also be integrated into our document management systems or alongside an existing solution. If you choose to have your book converted to PDF we can also provide a fully searchable text service enabling you to find information at the click of a button.

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