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Financial Records Management

Here at BME we have vast experience in implementing document management solutions for the financial sector. We recognise that security of data in this sector is of the upmost importance and usually the main concern for a company in this sector when choosing a document management system.

Our current range of document management solutions can all be implemented and adapted to benefit those in the financial sector. Our web document management system can be designed to your specific requirements and offers many benefits including access from any of our sites, password protected access, detailed access logs and the ability to be created to replicate any current systems you may use in order to minimise disruption and the need for extensive staff training.

All of our solutions designed for the financial sector are PCI & Sarbanes Oxley compliant, conform to the Data Protection Act and follow all of the relevant British Standards. For more information on these legislation please click here.

All data is encrypted using 256-Bit Blowfish encryption and all data is destroyed in accordance with DIN 32757. We currently destroy all documentation at DIN Level Four. For more information on DIN 32757 and our other security procedures please click here.

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