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BS 10008 UKAS

Optical Character Recognition (OCR/ICR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting printed documentation into editable text. The potential of character recognition systems is enormous as they enable users to harness the power of computers to access printed documents. This is particularly useful in professions such as law, where searches that once required hours or days can now be accomplished in minutes. By integrating Optical Character Recognition with the PDF format we can provide you with fast and intelligent searchable documents.

Character Recognition is significantly quicker than manual entry processes and has higher rates of accuracy - a major advantage over traditional data input techniques. Optical Character Recognition can recognise the majority of fonts and can accurately reproduce layouts - including pictures. Recognised text can be exported into a variety of formats, including word processing documents and spreadsheets. These can then be edited in popular programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

BME can capture, interpret, verify and transfer information from any source format, including text, tick box data, questionnaires and barcodes.

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