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BS 10008 UKAS

Secure Information Destruction

All businesses need to place privacy as a priority in their operations. Data privacy laws have made corporate responsibility for this and information protection and disposal imperitive. Identity theft is becoming more common, so to ensure a companys' reputation is not damaged, vigorous processes need to be put in place. After your documents are scanned your documents are cross-cut shredded in DIN Level Four in accordance with DIN32757.

If you require your documents to be destroyed without adding them to a document management system first we are able to provide this service both on-site and at our premises.

Secure destruction of CDs, DVDs, hard drives, credit cards, membership cards, microfilm and others can also be provided as we recognise that it is not just paper that carries secure information.

Files stored on a PC that are confidential can also be securely destroyed. Many people don't realise that even when a file is emptied from the recycle bin it can leave traces of the information on your PC. By installing a digital shredding software on your PC we can enable to ensure your electronic documents are removed safely and in accordance with data protection laws. This software can also be password protected to ensure only authorised users can delete data.
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