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BS 10008 UKAS


At BME we take the security of your documentation of your documentation very seriously. Not only do we guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your documentation but we also ensure the legal admissibility of all data that we convert. Our solutions and procedures have enabled us to gain approval from the Ministry of Justice, proving that we are competent in our ability to create controlled access environments for your documentation. Our services are implemented to meet industry regulators demands with auditable solutions. This ensures documents are policed and viewed in accordance with many important guidelines, which is particularly important for organizations such as the NHS, who have to conform to the Caldicott principles and Sarbanes Oxley compliant (SOX).

BS 10008 ensures that any electronic information required as evidence of a business transaction is afforded the maximum evidential weight. The process is based on the specification of requirements for planning, implementing, operating, monitoring and improving the organization’s information management systems.

As so many of our customers are in the public sector - including the NHS and local authorities we ensure that our clients are able to meet the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. All of our security procedures are laid out in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, giving customers the peace of mind that their documents are safe. In accordance with the Act we are also able to provide services such as the removal of phone numbers for versions of documentation that may be placed in public view - such as on the Web. This also includes the secure destruction of scanned electronic records to DIN level four in accordance with DIN 32757, when required through a certified bonded shredding company.
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